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Fidchell [userpic]
by Fidchell (fidchell)
at April 20th, 2008 (08:47 pm)

I apologise if this pops up on your friendlist more than once. Jardin du Ciel is a young game, so we really need some promotion. Feel free to remove this post if it's somehow out of line.
On a prestigious academy in what seems like a normal city, strange things are happening. All over campus, students are waking up, and realising they don’t remember a thing from their lives before they came to the academy. Slowly but surely, through discovering hints of their past in the streets, they’ll find themselves trapped in a game led by the mysterious End of the World, who promises them the power to revolutionise the world—but at what price?

Determined to reclaim their memories, all use the key to open the door to their past and the other riches they will receive if they win— however, they’ll have to fight for it!

Jardin du Ciel is a multi-fandom, multi-universe RPG based on concepts and themes from the series Revolutionary Girl Utena. We accept characters from all fandoms and mediums, with the option of playing the original version of the character and the alternate universe one. We also accept original characters created by the player.

Interested? Then check out the rules and the FAQ for more information!

Rules - You can read the general rules of IC and OOC conduct in this post.

F.A.Q. - You can read the details concerning characters and applications in this post.

Setting Information - You can read more about the game world in this post.

Application Post - You can apply the character you're interested in playing in this post.

Taken Characters - You can read the list of characters present in the game in this post.

Maintenance Center - You can reserve characters, add them to your wishlist, etc. in this post.